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Third Age Employment Network
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What we do

TAEN is a network of Member organisations with a shared objective and a leading campaigner on all matters related to age and employment.

The Network

Members Directory
The Membership represents much of the best experience in the country of helping mature people to open up new opportunities in work and training - see the list in Useful Links. The Members Directory contains a one-page entry for each Member. This enables Members to seek out relevant links and share experience.

Briefings, Newsletters, and Advice
We supply to Members and others with a regular series of Briefings, Newsletters, and advice on age and employment - see Publications. These cover national and regional policy, evidence about relevant employment and economic trends, and practical lessons from projects and programmes run by Government, business and the voluntary sector. TAEN specialises in clear and simple communication of complex issues.

National Conference and Membership Workshops
An Annual National Conference and Membership Workshops provide opportunities for Members to learn from each other's experience and to contribute to TAEN's activities and campaigning.

Help Line
The HelpLine at our London office, open to all organisations and individuals, provides advice on local services for employers and mature job seekers, job search, useful sources of advice, relevant contacts and partners, and a whole range of practical issues.

TAEN acts as a voice for mature people on employment and training. We work with the media and link individuals with a story to tell to the media. We make presentations at public events.

Public policy

Interest in age and employment and therefore Government policies on age and the labour market have developed rapidly in the last 5 years. TAEN has been closely involved and influential in all aspects. Our aim is to make the labour market for mature people work more effectively through

  • changes to the way employers behave
  • improvements in the way individuals prepare for and tackle working life and its changes
  • more committed Government policies and resources.

TAEN is a member of:

  • The Partnership Group on Older People chaired by Ian McCartney MP, Minister for Pensions

  • The Advisory Group on Age Discrimination Legislation chaired by Barbara Roche, Minister of State, Cabinet Office

  • A Forum on Equality and Diversity, started by TAEN, with the Commissions on race, gender and disability and organisations concerned with other aspects of diversity in employment

  • The Equality and Diversity Group for the Learning and Skills Councils

  • A stakeholder partner of Jobcentre Plus with a particular focus on training of advisory staff in work with mature clients

  • Observer Member of the Federation of Guidance organisations and adviser to the 76 Information, Advice and Guidance Partnerships on adult guidance for mature people, in which role it has undertaken a research project Challenging Age with mature clients on the career guidance they have received.

TAEN is strongly committed to working with all relevant organisations. It keeps in touch and informs a wide network of

  • employers and employers organisations;

  • trades unions;

  • parliament;

  • academics and universities engaged in research on age employment, in some cases with TAEN involvement as a research partner;

  • Think tanks and policy bodies and funders of public policy work;

  • Government Departments and national, regional and local public agencies;

  • Voluntary and community organisations at national and local level;

  • The media and specialist publications;

  • Individuals and supporters of our objectives

Europe and International
TAEN acts as facilitator of a web site debate on age discrimination run by AGE, a Brussels based European Network. Our Newsletter is circulated in a number of countries. We follow related developments in other countries.


TAEN is sponsored and supported by Help the Aged. Chief Executive Patrick Grattan MBE, Business Manager Keith Frost and our London office are located in the Help the Aged offices close to King's Cross, London. Senior Consultants located in various parts of the country specialise in regional development, research and publications.

We welcome approaches from those who may have an interest and expertise to contribute to the work of TAEN

December 2002