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Welcome to our site

The Third Age Employment Network (TAEN) is committed to better opportunities for mature people to continue to learn, work and earn.

The Network has a Membership of 200 organisations and groups across the country who represent the leading UK expertise in helping mature people to overcome barriers of discrimination and realise their aims and ambitions. From chartered surveyors to London end of tenancy cleaning companies, there isn't an industry that shouldn't join the growing network.

TAEN is a campaigning organisation, working with the media, employers and government to change attitudes and public policies.

Our 5 main roles are:

1. To represent the interests of all mature people who want to continue training and working, so that they have the opportunities to use their skills and experience in the economy.

2. To campaign against all forms of age discrimination in employment and training, and achieve legislative recognition of age as a form of discrimination equal to race, gender or disability.

3. To create equality of access for mature people to workforce development and services which meet their needs in career change, advice, re-training and jobs search support.

4. To be the leading centre of expertise and communication on age and employment.

5. To support our Network of Members by sharing good practice, supporting new initiatives, signposting organisations and individuals, and campaigning on their behalf.