Fees to Be Introduced for Employment Tribunal Claimants

From April 2013, workers wishing to bring an Employment Tribunal claim against their employers will have to pay fees to do so under measures announced by the Chancellor George Osborne this week.

The precise details of the fee structure are sketchy at the moment but have been reported to be: 

  • An upfront fee of £250 when lodging the ET1 tribunal claim form;
  • A further fee of £1,000 payable by Claimant when the hearing is listed;
  • Higher fees if the claim is for over £30,000;
  • The fee to be refunded if the Claimant wins, and forfeited if they lose;
  • Fees to be waived for those with no money

The Chancellor said that introducing fees would stem the flow of “vexatious claims” that can cost small businesses tens of thousands of pounds.  

Mr Osborne told the Conservative Party conference: “There is currently no charge for an applicant who wants to make an employment tribunal claim – unlike in the civil and family courts, where fees are routine. Fears of vexatious claims often act as a disincentive for businesses to employ new people. Introducing fees will help give businesses the confidence they need to create new jobs.”

However, critics of the plan fear it would prevent access to justice for genuine claimants, worrying the fees would be too steep to proceed with a claim.

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