Number of Age Claims Falls

The number of age discrimination claims received by the Employment Tribunal Service fell in the first three months (April-June) of 2011/12.

The ETS received 880 age claims during this period, a drop of 41 per cent compared with the same three months in the previous year.  However, compared with the last three months of 2010/11, the number of claims was up by almost 16 per cent.

In terms of disposals (cases dealt with), 1,200 age claims were processed during April-June 2011.  Of those:

  • Nearly two thirds (64 per cent) were withdrawn
  • Acas managed to conciliate the claims in almost a quarter (23 per cent) of cases. 
  • 4 per cent were struck out before a hearing.
  • 2 per cent were dismissed at the initial hearing.
  • 5 per cent were unsuccessful at hearing.
  • 1 per cent were the subject of a default judgment.
  • Just 15 (1 per cent) were successful at Tribunal
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