Minister Warns Recession is No Excuse to Mistreat Vulnerable Workers

Employment Relations Minister Pat McFadden has warned employment agencies against using the recession as an excuse to mistreat vulnerable workers.

“The vast majority of agencies are working very hard to treat people fairly. But there are some employment agencies who are short changing their staff and not playing by the rules. We will not allow rogue employers to use the downturn as an excuse to cut corners and deprive staff of their rights at work - or undercut other businesses that are doing the right thing. The recession is no excuse to mistreat vulnerable workers,” the Minister commented.

The Government’s current £1.25 million campaign to help agency workers know their rights and help employers know their responsibilities seems to be paying dividends. The number of calls to the Employment Agency standards helpline has tripled in recent weeks and the website has had 57,000 hits since the launch of the campaign.

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