Private Sector Job Increases Stay Ahead of Public Sector Losses

Revised figures in the latest employment statistics reported in the item above also show that in the final three months of 2010, the number of jobs in private sector grew by 83,000 to 22.96 million.  Although the number of jobs in the public sector fell by 45,000 to 6.19 million during the same period.

This means that during 2010 as a whole, the number of jobs in the private sector grew by 449,000, while the number in the public sector fell by 132,000.

As one of the major concerns of working people, economists and politicians has been whether private sector employment can grow fast enough to offset the expected job losses in the public sector, these figures give cause for cautious optimism – even though the full impact of job cuts in the public sector are yet to take effect.  

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