Latest Employment Figures Better than Anticipated

The latest employment figures are better than anticipated although they still present a mixed picture of the UK’s labour market. The figures, covering the first three months of this year, show that:

  • the number of people in paid employment rose by 118,000 to 29.24 million, meaning the overall employment rate rose to 70.7 per cent.   
  • the number of people unemployed fell by 36,000 to 2.45 million, but the number of people unemployed for 12 months or longer increased by 20,000 to 850,000 – the highest figure since the 3 months to January 1997.
  • the number of people claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA) rose by 12,400 in April to   1.47 million, the highest figure since October 1996.claimant.
  • the number of economically inactive people aged 16-64 fell by 35,000 in the first three months to 9.32 million.
  • the number of vacancies fell by 30,000 in the three months to April to 469,000, but they were up by 3,000 from a year earlier.
  • The number of employees in part time jobs fell by 22,000 (to 6.67 million) whilst the number working full-time rose by 146,000 (to 18.38 million). 

Looking at the figures in relation to people aged 50+, they also present a mixed picture:

There was a rise of 56,000 in the number of people aged 50-64 in paid work, bringing the total to 7.36 million and an employment rate of 65 per cent.  The number of people in paid work aged 65 and over rose by 7,000 to 885,000, although the number of men in work in that age group fell back by 11,000.

The number of people aged 50 and over who were unemployed rose by 11,000 over the previous three months to 397,000, whilst the number who had been unemployed for 12 months or more rose by 19,000 to 182,000.

The number of people aged 50 and over claiming JSA rose by 1200 between March and April to 221,700 but the number of people aged 50-64 who were economically inactive fell by 39,000 to 3.57 million, giving an inactivity rate for people in this age of 31.6 per cent.

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