Modern Workplaces Consultation Launched

The Government has launched a consultation on its plans to introduce a number of changes to employment rights as part of its plans to create a modern workplace for the modern economy. The consultation covers proposed changes to Flexible Working rights, Flexible Parental Leave, Equal Pay and the annual holiday entitlement rights in the current Working Time Regulations.  

The changes include extending the right to request flexible working to all workers who have been with their employer for at least 26 weeks; introducing new entitlements to Flexible Parental Leave   which would supersede Additional Paternity Leave measures introduced in April this year; and giving Employment Tribunals the power to order an employer who has been found to have discriminated on gender in relation to pay, to conduct a pay audit and publish their results.

 Commenting on the `Modern Workplaces’ consultation, Home Secretary and Minister for Women and Equalities, Theresa May, said:

 “Britain’s workplace laws are in need of modernisation. We have made great strides in addressing explicit discrimination in the workplace, but disadvantage persists. The solution to these challenges, though, is not more bureaucracy, top-down intervention and politically correct quotas, but policies that go with the grain of human nature and maximise flexibility and choice. That is why we will extend the right to request flexible working to all and introduce a new system of flexible parental leave both of which will contribute to our commitment to closing down the gender pay gap. But where there is evidence of discrimination we will punish it, so we will introduce mandatory pay audits for companies that are found guilty of pay discrimination.”

The consultation runs until 8 August 2011. 

Further information, including the consultation document, can be found on the BIS website


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