Age Discrimination Claims Soar

The number of new age discrimination claims received by Employment Tribunals has soared. 

Statistics published by the Tribunal Service, show that 2,900 new age discrimination claims were received in the last three months of 2010, an increase of 160 per cent on the same period the previous year. 

It means that the total number of age discrimination claims received in the first three quarters of 2010/11 (April – December) was 5,700, higher than the total number of age claims received in 2009/10.

Employment Tribunals disposed of (completed) 690 age claims in the last three months of 2010.   Just 20 (3 per cent) were successful, whilst 31 per cent were withdrawn, 39 per cent were conciliated by Acas, 11 per cent were struck out at a hearing, 4 per cent were dismissed at a preliminary hearing, 11per cent were unsuccessful at a hearing and 1per cent were the subject of a default judgement. 

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