Work Programme Bids Submitted

All those eligible to bid as prime providers within the Government’s new Work Programme and who decided to go ahead have now submitted their bids to the Department for Work and Pensions. 

For the next few months, those potential prime providers, and the networks of sub-contractors lined up behind their respective bids, will be waiting to hear who has been successful.  At all levels of the prospective supply chain, providers will be hoping that, despite fears to the contrary, they have got their modelling correct and that delivering the Work Programme can, and will be, financially viable.  

Meanwhile, the Work and Pensions Select Committee has written to the Employment Minister, Chris Grayling, seeking an urgent response to concerns from the welfare-to-work industry that a potential gap in provision and services risks disrupting support for the unemployed. 

In oral evidence given to the Committee earlier this month, organisations bidding to provide employment programmes for the Government highlighted a potential gap in welfare-to-work provision which is likely to arise between the termination by April 2011 of many existing programmes and the launch of the Work Programme in June 2011.






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