Nearly Four out of Ten Employers Rely on Job Interviews to Recruit

According to a recent survey, almost four out of ten (37.5 per cent) employers surveyed rely on interviews as their sole selection tool during recruitment.

The research conducted by XpertHR, found that selection interviews were rated as effective by two-thirds (66.1 per cent) of the 186 organisations surveyed and the majority (62.5 per cent) used them alongside other tools to recruit suitable candidates.

Line managers were found to have a high level of responsibility in the interview process, taking the lead in almost three in four organisations.

In two-thirds of organisations, training was provided for staff prior to undertaking interviews. Nearly all (95.5 per cent) employers covered equal opportunities issues in interview training and three in four covered anti-discrimination legislation.

Public sector employers were the most likely to provide interview training, with 90 per cent doing so.

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