Volunteering Charity Workforce Affected by Cuts

Government cuts in funding mean the workforce at the volunteering charity, Volunteering England, will be reduced from 55 to 24.  The charity has opened a consultation with its staff and the trade union, Unite, on plans to reduce its headcount from 55 to 24 posts.

Volunteering England receives £1.6 million of its £5.7 million income from the Office for Civil Society’s (OCS) strategic partners programme. In August, the OCS announced that it planned to reduce the number of strategic partners from 42 to 15 and award a maximum of £500,000 to any one organisation.

Justin Davis Smith, Chief Executive of Volunteering England, described the redundancies as heartbreaking:

“It is extraordinary that we have to plan on cutting back our organisation at a time when there is more interest in volunteering than ever before.

“The Coalition Government’s Big Society is built upon volunteering, and Volunteering England has a crucial part to play in helping public and community services become more effective through involving volunteers,” he said.

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