Eleven Per Cent of Tesco's New Jobs Go to the Over-50s

Over one in ten new jobs created by the supermarket firm Tesco, has gone to people aged 50 or over.   

During the six months from March to September, the firm created 4,162 new jobs in  68 new stores and distribution centres it opened across the UK and Northern Ireland.  Just under half (1,956) were offered to people aged 25 or under and 11 per cent (440) to people aged 50+. 

Two years ago Tesco announced that one in five (just over 54,500) of its then employees were aged 50 and over. This followed their decision to scrap a mandatory retirement age within the company.  

Speaking at that time, Linda Avis, the company’s personnel manager, said that employing the over-50s had allowed its UK stores to reap huge benefits.  

“Staff turnover is at its lowest point within the over-50 age bracket, especially the 50-59 year olds,” she commented.  “We benefit from the loyalty and reliability that this age group provides.”

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