A Third of Jobseekers Blame Lack of Qualifications for Holding Them Back

A survey of over 4,000 jobseekers has found that nearly a third (32 per cent) believe a lack of qualifications is holding them back.

The research conducted by Home Learning College and reed.co.uk, showed that the current economic climate is creating a mixed bag of emotions for candidates. Although 62 per cent were confident they will get the job they want in the next six months, 28 per cent admitted to being frustrated with their current situation.

The survey also provided further evidence that higher education is no guarantee of success, with 21 per cent saying their degree had not benefited their career. This may explain why 54 per cent planned to enhance their employment prospects through further study.

Nearly half (48 per cent) of the jobseekers surveyed were currently in employment.

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