Over 100,000 Forced to Retire Last Year

New research by Age Concern and Help the Aged shows the use of mandatory retirement ages soared during the recession‚ with over 100‚000 people forced to retire on or after turning 65.

The new survey reveals for the first time the full scale of the impact forced retirement has had on the older workforce since the Default Retirement Age (DRA) was introduced in 2006. The findings show that the number of people aged 65-plus forced to retire increased massively last year to more than 100‚000. The figure is four times higher than the number the charity feared would be hit when the law was introduced.

The figures suggest that employers have used forced retirement as a cheap and easy alternative to redundancy during the recession. Forced retirement is part of the everyday lives of people in their 60s‚ with one in four people aged 60 to 70 (24 per cent) knowing a friend or colleague who has been made to retire at or after 65.

Many more people in their 60s face the prospect of forced retirement in the near future. Half a million 60-plus older workers (530‚000) work for employers who use the Default Retirement Age and a quarter of a million workers aged 60 to 64 (250‚000) says they it is likely or certain that they will be forced to retire.

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