3.6 Million Full Time Jobs in UK Paying under £300 a Week

Newly released analysis from the Office for National Statistics shows that last year, 3.6 million full time employee jobs in the UK were paying less than £300 a week.

Women were more likely to be impacted than men – though not massively so – with 1.9 million female full time jobs paid at under this rate, compared with 1.7 million male full-time jobs.

The ONS’s analysis also found a strong correlation between levels of pay and membership of an employer-sponsored pension scheme. In 2008, they found that:-

  • 21% of men and 32% of women with gross weekly earnings of less than £300 per week were members of an employer-sponsored pension scheme, while
  • 76% of men and 82% of women on gross weekly earnings of £600 and over belonged to such a scheme.      

Interestingly, the proportion of women full-time employees with an employer-sponsored pension scheme was greater than for men in all earnings band. The ONS concludes that is in part explained by the fact that there is a higher proportion of women employed in the public sector than men, which is where participation in employer pension schemes is higher than in the private sector. 

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