Flexibility of UK Workers Helping to Save Jobs

More than half of all UK workers (54%) have experienced a cut in pay, a reduction in hours or a loss of benefits since the recession began, according to a survey of over 1,600 workers by the ‘Keep Britain Working’ Campaign.

It found that over the last nine months 27% of UK workers have had their pay cut, 24% have had their hours reduced and 24% have lost benefits. And while 37% of UK workers have experienced just one of these changes, 12% have experienced two of them and 5% have experienced all three.

What’s more, two in five workers (40%) have been given extra responsibilities, while one in five - 20% - have had the nature of their role change, within the same organisation. Interestingly 2% have been offered a semi-paid sabbatical, while 6% have been offered an unpaid sabbatical since the recession began.

Nevertheless recessionary pressures continue to impact negatively on job security throughout the country – with 54% of respondents saying they were more pessimistic about job prospects this month than last.

James Reed, founder of the independent ‘Keep Britain Working’ Campaign, commented: “The UK workforce has demonstrated unprecedented flexibility during this recession, allowing organisations to explore a whole range of cost-cutting responses other than relying solely on redundancies. Overall, workers appear to be making common cause with their managers to help keep people working.”

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