Ministry of Defence's Ageist Recruitment Practices

News that just 1.3% of new recruits into Regular Forces roles were aged over 35 in the last financial year appear to reinforce the Ministry of Defence’s reputation as one of Whitehall’s more ageist Departments.

According to data just released by the MOD itself, only 305 of the total estimated 22,720 people recruited into Regular Forces roles last year were aged over 35. The Royal Air Force recruited no-one aged over 35, the Navy no one over age 36 and the Army recruited no one over 49.

The MOD’s data shows that just 105 (0.5%) of recruits into those roles were aged 40-49 – and all went into the Army.

‘Fifty’ may be the new ‘40’ as far as many people and some employers are concerned, but not when it comes to the Services it seems…

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