Jobs Market Set to Grow In Longer Term

A new report predicts that nearly two million new jobs will be created by 2017 and that the growth will be in sectors like business services, education, distribution and transport.

The new ‘Working Futures’ report published by the UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES predicts employment trends through to 2017 and says that despite the current economic downturn, job prospects remain good in the longer term. Although it does admit that its short-term job predictions have been overtaken by recent economic events.

Nevertheless, the report expects that growth in some sectors of the economy will be particularly strong - including computing and the service sector, and it paints an optimistic picture for the labour market over the long term to 2017.

In particular the report predicts job growth in areas such as:

  • Business and other services - including computing and financial services - where despite the recent downturn, the number of jobs is predicted to increase by 1.3m over the longer term.
  • Distribution and transport - where around half a million new jobs are expected to be created.
  • ‘Non – marketed services’ – where careers in areas such as education, health and social work are expected to see an increase of around half a million jobs too.
  • Construction - where despite the downturn, the projected benefit of public expenditure on projects such as the 2012 Olympics are expected to still help an increase of 170,000 jobs in the longer term.

In addition to these new jobs, some 11.5 million jobs will be generated by people leaving the workforce through retirement and other reasons.

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