Research Project - Participants Wanted

TAEN is working with the Policy Studies Institute on a research project on extending working lives and employee health. For our qualitative work package we are looking to recruit 60 people who are currently employed but due to retire in the next 10 months or so (voluntarily or due to redundancy or other reasons). We are looking to find one people currently employed in blue collar/manual/physical jobs/standing jobs (including construction workers, manufacturing operatives, nurses, retail workers who stand most of the day - among various other occupational groups). 

Some people look forward to retirement as a well-earned rest from a lifetime of work. But leaving behind work, colleagues and routines can also be stressful and a time of anxiety.  Whether welcomed or feared, retirement often leads to changes in a wide range of everyday practices such as physical activity, diet, sleeping patterns, and social activities, among others.  New roles may be adopted, such as caring or volunteering, and new routines may be formed. A three year study has been commissioned to explore the changes individuals experience during the retirement transition. It aims to understand the social, psychological and financial factors associated with particular changes (or lack of change) and the implications for health, well-being and satisfaction in retirement.

Participants will be interviewed face to face (for around 1-1.5 hours) in their own home (or a location of their choice) on 3 occasions and will be offered a financial incentive of £40 in year 1; £50 in year 2 and £60 in year 3.

The first interview will be while they are still employed, the follow-up interviews once people have retired.

We will be asking you about:

  • Your work and your feelings, hopes and plans for retirement
  • Your time use and regular activities
  • Your health-related behaviours (e.g. smoking, diet and physical exercise)

The study is also being conducted in Italy and USA to draw comparisons

If you know someone who would be willing to be interviewed about their work experiences please contact joy.white@taen.org.uk