CV Lies Could Prove Costly to Candidates

Candidates who are successful in getting a new job but who fail to disclose specific information on issues such as health matters or their previous career history - may find it proves costly in the long term.

The warning has been issued by the Recruitment and Employment Confederation, the recruitment sector’s largest trade association. They highlight a current High Court case in which the former general manager of Cheltenham Borough Council is being sued for nearly £1 million after it was alleged she failed to disclose on her CV that she suffered from depression.

Fiona Coombe, the REC’s Director of Professional Services, said:

“Research has shown that many people bend the truth on their CV to enhance their chances of getting a job. It may however amount to a breach of contract or fraudulent misrepresentation and could be a criminal offence depending on the nature and extent of the lie.

“Of course, recruitment agencies are required to check experience, skills and qualifications. But it is down to the candidate to decide whether they want to reveal other information, such as their medical history. In the end, it is not sensible to lie because failing to disclose such details can come back to haunt you.”

She added:

“With the labour market becoming increasingly competitive for jobseekers, there may be a tendency for more candidates to stretch the truth on their CVs or fail to disclose crucial details. This will make the work of professional recruiters all the more important in terms of advising jobseekers and using their best judgement to pick up on any inconsistencies and obvious falsehoods.” 

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