TAEN Publishes Results of Survey of Jobseekers Aged 50+

Today TAEN has published the findings of its third survey of jobseekers aged 50+.

The report provides insights on a segment of the labour market often described as ‘booming’, but the reality for many is very different.

Although there is now wide recognition that older workers have a wide range of skills and experiences to offer the UK’s workplaces, and despite more older people in work and working beyond state pension age than ever before, the results show that many are still suffering from outmoded prejudices, with 37 per cent of older jobseekers suffering from long term unemployment – more than any other age category of the unemployed.

Chris Ball, Chief Executive of TAEN, noted: “The majority of older jobseekers continue struggling against deeply embedded structural disadvantages and ingrained ageist attitudes in finding work.

“These obstacles continue more than six years after discrimination against older jobseekers was outlawed by the 2006 Age Regulations and two years after the Default Retirement Age, allowing people to be forcibly retired at 65, was ended. Our survey confirms that the challenge of ending age discrimination is as relevant as ever.”

Professor Wendy Loretto, Professor of Organisational Behaviour at the University of Edinburgh Business School, who supported the survey commented,

“The survey also highlights differences between older men and women and across occupational groups, with women and those lower in the occupational hierarchy facing more barriers to gaining employment.

“It is clear from the responses that older female jobseekers feel less confident in employers’ opinions of their skills and qualifications, and that women and men face different constraints regarding possible employment options. Any policy interventions aiming to help older jobseekers should pay attention to this heterogeneity of preferences, needs and experiences.”

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