'Too Old To Work' Documentary to Air Next Week


Channel 4 television’s Dispatches current affairs series will be broadcasting a programme next week revealing that ageism is still rife amongst employers and recruitment agencies.

Their investigation shows that despite the Age Regulations, being ‘older’ - even just over 45-years-old - is still a risk in the workplace. Older workers are more likely to lose their jobs and fail to secure another position. The programme looks at the challenges facing older job seekers and how the mandatory retirement age, introduced in 2006, has forced tens of thousands out of their positions, against their will. The programme will also feature the results of two exclusive You Gov surveys on attitudes towards older workers and the effects forced retirement can have on those still wanting to work.

In the current economic downturn, recruitment agencies are currently being flooded with applicants, but the programme questions whether the job market is a level playing field for job seekers of all ages. A former recruitment agency insider reveals the ageist practices within the industry and three professionals aged over 50 describe the ageism they have faced from recruitment agencies - from having their CV’s ‘lost in the system’ to being talked out of applying for posts or being asked coded questions that relate to how ‘dynamic’ and ‘energetic’ they are.

The programme also meets people forced to retire, who break down into tears as they describe the damaging financial and psychological repercussions of being out of work. Their experiences echo the results of the specially-commissioned You Gov survey into the impact of forced retirement.

TAEN and Help the Aged were amongst the organisations who helped in the making of the documentary. It will be broadcast on Channel 4 television at 8.00 p.m. on Monday 9th February.


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