Employers Increasingly Screening Jobseekers Social Networking Profiles

News that a third of employers confess to searching through potential employees’ social networking profiles for information on their background, may not be of too much concern to many older jobseekers – but it could certainly be a problem for younger job candidates.

A recent study of 961 HR professionals and managers by global recruitment website www.yasni.co.uk found 32% of managers and HR personnel use sites like Facebook and MySpace as recruitment tools in the belief that it saves time and money and gives them a fuller picture of what applicants are really like.

A fifth admitted the information they found about candidates put them off employing them and the biggest turn-offs were drunken photographs (47%) and rude comments (22%).

Although over two thirds (68%) of recruiters said they had not searched for applicants online, close to half (44%) of these said they would probably do so in the future.

Yasni itself offers employers and HR managers the free facility to search publicly available information online for detailed findings for more than one billion people. According to its own website:

“In addition to collecting professional information through resources such as LinkedIn and Jigsaw, and information on criminal records through criminalsearches.com, Yasni helps provide details about social behaviour by returning social networking profiles, including MySpace and Facebook, blog postings, photos, online shopping wish lists and more.”

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