Latest Jobs Numbers at Odds with GDP Picture

July’s numbers paint a significantly healthier picture of the state of the UK economy than the most recent GDP numbers would indicate. The Reed Job Index for July stands at 138 compared with 122 at the same time last year and 134 in June.

Overall demand for staff increased in July, with a 16 point rise across the UK compared with July 2011.

Health & Medicine (+73 per cent), Motoring & Automotive (+68 per cent), and Hospitality & Catering (+42 per cent) are the sectors to see the biggest year-on-year growth in new opportunities.

The largest year-on-year falls in demand were seen in Leisure & Tourism (-38 per cent), General Insurance (-35 per cent) and Banking (-20 per cent).

The Reed Salary Index remained flat in July at 98, two per cent lower in real terms than in December 2009 when the index first began.

Of the 12 regions analysed by the Reed Job Index, 10 saw month-on-month growth in July 2012 compared with June. Northern Ireland (-2.84 per cent) and Scotland (-4.32 per cent) showed slight falls, whilst East Anglia (+8 per cent), and the North East (+6 per cent) saw the biggest monthly rises.