Our project

In 2008 we obtained funding to run a national Technical Assistance project on Age Management in support of the ESF programme’s objectives related to people aged 50+. In this role we seek to achieve the following aims:

  • to raise awareness and spreading information and understanding of the specific issues people face in the labour market as they get older and wish to maintain or extend their working lives;
  • to assist organisations involved in the ESF programme to work effectively with older clients in order to help them remain in or return to work;
  • to highlight examples of good practice;
  • to strengthen the focus on participants aged 50 and over.

ESF in England

The European Social Fund was established to improve employment opportunities within European Union member states and so help raise living standards. It aims to help people fulfil their potential by giving them better jobs and prospects.

Under the 2007-2013 round, the national programme’s main activities fall under two main priorities:

  • Extending employment opportunities to those who are unemployed and otherwise disadvantaged or face discrimination.
  • Developing a skilled and adaptable workforce by offering training to those who do not have the basic skills and qualifications needed in their workplace.

Over its lifetime the programme aims to engage with and support over 320,000 people aged 50+.

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